HSA Cleaners Terms of Service

In store Dry Cleaning/ Laundry Services

Cleaning Procedures

Wash, Dry, Folds

Wash, dry, fold orders are washed under the same settings as laundry bags.

Dry Cleaning

Orders are placed into machines that wash with chemicals instead of water.The machines adjust heat and washing time depending on the type of order.Items are then placed on a hanger and covered with a clear plastic bag for customer pick-up.

Launder and Press

Items are washed in a machine with cold water and dried on high heat.Cleaned and dry items are then ironed and placed in a clear bag for customer pick-up 


It is not the HSA Cleaners staffs’ responsibility to make sure customer orders are suitable for dry cleaning or launder and press.

Though staff may give advice from time to time, not limited to personal preferences or past experiences, it is ultimately the customer who must decide whether certain orders are fit to be dry cleaned or laundered and pressed.

HSA staff reserves the right to deny certain orders based on the suitability of such items for dry cleaning or launder and press procedures.

This is by no means a guarantee that all HSA staff will intervene and prohibit orders, but instead a notification that not all orders will be processed.

Notifications of damaged orders will be accepted only up to 48 hours after the customer has picked up the order (After 48 hours, the HSA Cleaners considers complaints invalid).

The HSA Cleaners is not responsible for damage to decorative material on clothing or other items, regardless of what the tag information on the clothing or other item states about the suitability of certain cleaning procedures.

Please be aware that decorative material including, but not limited to, beads, trimmings, pads, buckles, sequins, beads, belts, or buttons runs an especially high risk of damage, and HSA Cleaners will not compensate for the loss or damage of any of these items.

The HSA Cleaners is not responsible for cleaned orders not picked up after 60 days upon arrival at the HSA Cleaners from Boston Laundry, Inc. We may charge a storage fee of $2/day after 60 days. HSA Cleaners reserves the right to donate all clothing not picked up after 60 days. 



All issues of reimbursement for lost or damaged orders are handled by the HSA Mangers.

In the case of a lost item, customers must provide a description that includes, but is not limited to, the item’s color, design, age, quality, and texture.

In the case of a lost item, customers must provide proof that the item exists, is theirs, and was included in their order (The HSA Managers at their sole discretion shall determine whether such proof is sufficient).

With the description in mind, the HSA Staff will look for the lost item.

If the lost item is not found by the end of the search, the customer will be issued a reimbursement.

In the case of a damaged item, customers must provide proof that the given order was not damaged before having been sent in to the HSA Cleaners (The HSA Managers shall determine whether such proof is sufficient)

The HSA Managers will then consult with Boston Laundry Inc. to determine the reason for the damage on the item and the amount of reimbursement (Boston Laundry, Inc. has decades of experience in these types of matters).

If reimbursement is the only course of action, the amount will be determined by the original value of the clothing minus depreciation.

The HSA Managers will follow the Fair Claims Policy from the International Fabricare Institute to determine the total amount of reimbursement (such policy is recognized by dry cleaners and laundry services world-wide).  This policy takes into account the average life of the garment, depreciation for the age of the item and the current replacement cost.  (copies of such policy are available for customers to see).

Limits on Amount and Type

If an order is considered to be “damaged, and a customer is reimbursed, then the damaged order will remain in the possession of the HSA Cleaners.

Store credit will not be refunded in cash until 90% or more of the funds are used pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 200A §5D.  

The maximum amount of reimbursement per item in a wash dry fold order is $75.

The maximum amount of reimbursement per item in a dry cleaning order is $200.

The maximum amount of reimbursement per item in a launder and press order is $100.

It is recommended that especially delicate items be dry cleaned or laundered and pressed individually, instead of being placed into a wash, dry, fold order or laundry bag.

Customers are expected to be aware of the aforementioned limits on refunds.

Laundry Service

Laundry Procedure

The following procedure is followed for all laundry plan loads: 

Each laundry bag is given its own washer(s) and dryer. Clothes from different bags are never mixed.  

If the clothing contained within a bag is entirely light or entirely dark one washing machine will be used.  

Cold water is used in all cases. Loads are machined-dried on high heat. 

Regular laundry detergent is used. Bleach is never used.  

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all clothing dropped off for laundry is suitable to be machine-washed in cold water and dried on high heat.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the laundry bag is fully closed, so that clothes do not fall out.

Lost or Damaged Clothing

HSA Cleaners will refund each lost or damaged item in a  laundry plan bag up to a depreciated value of $50. In the event that a whole bag is damaged or missing, HSA Cleaners will refund up to a depreciated value of $200. Please take these policies into account when dropping off your clothing, especially in regards to wash, dry, fold laundry bags. We recommend that especially delicate or valuable items are laundered individually. 

HSA Cleaners is not responsible for items damaged or lost under any of the following circumstances:

More than 2 months from the scheduled date of pickup have elapsed.

A complaint has been filed more than 2 days after the day of pickup. Please check your clothing upon pick-up and ensure that it is met with your satisfaction.

Clothing which falls out of laundry bags due to overfilling or the customer not closing the bag securely.  

HSA Cleaners is not responsible for shrinkage, fading, or damage to trimmings, pads, buckles, sequins, beads, belts, buttons, or any other decorative embellishments.  

All reimbursements will be determined by our Fair Claims Policy from IFI (International Fabricare Institute). This accounts for the natural and inevitable depreciation of value that occurs to clothing over time. Copies are available upon request. 

Rental Services

Rental Damage or Loss

Lessee shall bear the entire risk of loss or damage to their rental item from any cause whatsoever, except for manufacturer defects or loss or damage caused by HSA during the delivery and pickup of the item. The Lessee shall reimburse HSA for any and all loss or damage to the item from any cause whatsoever. If Legal action is required to recover said losses, Lessee shall reimburse HSA reasonable attorney fees. Replacement costs for loss or damage to items are as follows:

Television: Entire unit, $299. HDMI Cable, $25. Coax Cable, $20. Remote Control, $25. DVI Adapter, $25.

Microfridge: Missing MicroFridge Combination unit $437.00, Missing or Damaged Microwave $164.00, Missing or Damaged Refrigerator $327.00, Missing or Damaged Microwave Plate $30.00, Missing or Damaged Microwave Ring $20.00, Missing Refrigerator Shelf $12.00, Missing Ice Cube Tray $5.00, Missing Scrapper $5.00

Water Cooler: Entire unit, $150.  

Room Changes/Moving Items

Lessee agrees not to move, remove, and/or relocate any rented items from the dorm room originally listed on the agreement without receipt of the prior written consent of HSA. MicroFridge units may only be moved by HSA Cleaners staff, and a $40 fee will be charged to the Lessee for any and all early relocations of a MicroFridge for any reason.The Lessee may move a Television or Water cooler unit to a new dorm room themselves, but the Lessee assumes all risk and liability for possible damage incurred during the relocation process.

Fees for Failure to Return items on Time or Undamaged

If any rental item has to be located because it was moved without receiving HSA's prior written consent, there will be a Search Fee of $40. The Late Fee for returning items after the scheduled pickup date is $40.


All Customers agree to HSA Cleaners Refund Policy, found here. 


Any and all conflicts with the aforementioned stipulations are to be resolved by the HSA Managers.

Any and all ambiguities in the aforementioned stipulations are to be clarified by the HSA Managers.

In the event of changes to these stipulations, customers will be notified no later than 24 hours before the updated version is released on the website.

Extent of Agreement

By checking the box below on online orders, customers agree to all stipulations written in this contract, understand the limits to the HSA Cleaner’s liability, and understand their responsibilities as customers.

If an online order was not placed, and a box was not checked below, all customers agree to the following terms and conditions by placing orders in person.