HSA Dorm Essentials - About Laundry Plans

How do laundry plans work?


For many students, washing, drying, and folding is a huge hassle. Not all campus dorms have washing machines, and laundry rooms are crowded. Spend more time studying, not doing your laundry!  Get professionally cleaned and folded clothes for the entire school year and stop your clothes from piling up! 

We pick up your bags when you submit a request with our mobile app, Clothespin. You can also drop off your bags at our main store, 17 Holyoke Street, and Currier House depot. Additionally, we have drop boxes at North Hall (HLS) and Perkins Hall (GSAS).

Door-to-door delivery service is available to all undergraduate dorms and houses (learn more below)! If you choose a plan with delivery, your bag will be picked up from your door and delivered back to you.

Harvard Student Agencies has provided Harvard students with efficient, high-quality laundry services since 1957. As students ourselves, we understand the needs of the Harvard community and take special care to meet your standards. 

Weekly Laundry Plans offer you professionally-cleaned clothes all year long.  Your laundry is washed, dried, folded, and packaged for easy handling. Laundry has never been so easy!



Plan Types

Plan Type Amount of Laundry/Week
Light 1 bag (20 lbs)
Medium 2 bags (40 lbs)
Heavy 3 bags (60 lbs)



Door-to-Door Bag Service