How Dress Shirt Service Works

The Dress Shirt Service is truly essential for any law school student. The hassle of washing clothes is pretty terrible, but the added time required to iron, starch, and press dress shirts truly makes maintaining your professional attire a challenge. With the Dress Shirt Service, we take that entire load off your hands . 

The Details

Every customer with our service will receive an HSA Cleaners draw string laundry bag to place their dirty shirts inside of for pickup. This laundry bag is registered in our in-house tracking system called Clothespin, which allows our customer to request the bag be picked up and to follow its progress through the cleaning and return process.

Customers with the light plan will be able to request a pickup for either Monday or Thursday morning every week. Those with heavy plans will be given two laundry bags, allowing the customer to request both on one day, or one on Monday and another on Thursday. 

Shirts picked up on Monday will be delivered right back to your door by Thursday afternoon. Similarly, shirts picked up on Thursday will be delivered the next Monday. 

All shirts are sent off to a professional cleaning plant, in which they are washed individually and then dried under high heat. Shirts are then given a light coating of starch, and pressed to ensure no wrinkles exist in the shirts. Finally, they are folded as to create no unseemly creases and packaged in a protective box.