Bulk Wash Delivery Services

We'll clean your towels, your sheets, your anything. Picked up from and delivered back to your business.

Avoid mounds of laundry! 

Become one of the many businesses across the Cambridge area that receive clean, folded laundry at their doorstep. We service independent dormitories, yoga studios, massage therapists, salons, acupuncture specialists, and other wide-ranging businesses.  Current clients include Gino’s, Harvard Square Acupuncture and Massage, various Harvard Upperclass Houses, the Rowland Institute, and the George Sherman Union at Boston University.

Depending on the size of your weekly load, we charge between 90 cents and 1 dollar per pound of laundry. (Prices include delivery costs!) Fill out the form below or reach out to us at cleaners@hsa.net for more specifics. The form is preferred.