About Us

HSA Cleaners is a student-run business that has served the Harvard and Cambridge community for over 50 years. We offer efficient, high quality laundry and dry cleaning services at the best rates in Harvard Square.

How do we do it? We are a not-for-profit run by an incredibly committed group of hard-working Harvard students. We understand the needs of the local community and take special care to meet those standards.

In addition to providing competitive on-campus jobs for students, we are active members of our surrounding community - we invite students to display art in our stores, sponsor student non-profit initiatives, and partner with many student organizations.

HSA Cleaners is a part of Harvard Student Agencies, the largest student-run company in the world employing over 500 undergraduates annually. Visit our website at hsa.net if you'd like to learn more!

Our Team

Areeb Afridi
Managing Director

Areeb is a freshman living in Weld. He is unsure of his concentration, although he is leaning towards concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Global Health. He hails from the warmth of Dallas, Texas, but he loves snow. You might catch him in the winter walking around outside, just enjoying the snow fall. He is also a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. He has not missed a game in years, as he plans his weekends around them. 

Albert Zeng
Delivery & Logistics Manager

Born in California, Albert is a freshman who is thinking of concentrating in Computer Science. When he’s not studying or doing work, he often reads or listens to music. Albert loves animals of all kinds, though his favorite is the Canada Goose. Also, it is entirely possible that Albert goes to Tasty Burger at 2AM too often.

Nick Bunn
Operations Manager

Nick is a sophomore living in Currier. He is pursuing a concentration in Economics with a secondary in Theatre, Dance, and Media. Nick is a member of the Varsity Water Polo team and most enjoys returning to his hometown of Princeton, New Jersey to compete against the team he grew up watching. When he is not in a pool or in the HSA office, you might catch him watching Netflix, relaxing with friends, or working on writing a new play - if you happen to be all the way out in the Quad, that is.